Hello and welcome to the blog of Liam McGrath.

Liam is a planner with a special interest in transport networks,  social equity and the environment.  He has worked on planning major transport schemes across the UK and Europe, specialising in developing models to predict interactions in spatial networks .  Liam studied Civil Engineering at the University of Nottingham and is currently undertaking further studies at the Centre for Advance Spatial Analysis, University College London.

The purpose of this blog is to collate ideas on how to structure cities and transport networks more effectively to improve health, wellbeing and go easy on the planet.  The aim is to synthesise ideas in business, academia and policy, and have some fun with maps and charts along the way.

The name of the blog is, somewhat pretentiously, based on the excellent album Mingus ah um.  This album is blessed with some beautiful cover art by S. Neil Fujita.

Liam is originally from Ipswich and is now based in London, near Tower Bridge.  When he’s not staring at spreadsheets and maps, Liam enjoys playing music (badly), jogging around London and watching his football team.

The words on these pages are Liam’s own opinions and references are provided as far as possible.

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Jogging route